Maria Isa's "Meters 4 Boricua Kids" is fundraising to purchase Diabetic Supplies for Puerto Rican Type 1 Diabetic Kids on the island in need of new meters and supplies to live.

Maria Isa has been helping fundraise for Puerto Ricans on the island as an advisor for El Fondo Boricua Hurricane Relief since Hurricane Irma and Maria hit Puerto Rico in September of 2017.  Isa is currently heading to the island of her ancestors' Borikén this April on a volunteer mission to bring more aid and do site visits to the many organizations El Fondo Boricua has been able to grant in it's aftermath of the category 5 hurricanes.  


The multi-talented "SotaRican" songwriter, performing and recording artist is kicking off an online 1 week fundraiser to raised funds towards the purchase of diabetic supplies (meters, test strips, lancets, and glucose tablets) for children with Type 1 Diabetes on the island who are in the poorest communities in need to manage this chronic illness that hits Maria Isa personally.  Maria will personally be distributing the meters to mission sites in the communities of Comerío, Morovís, Santurce, Toa Baja, Aguadilla, Humacao , Ponce and Vieques.

Why Diabetes supplies?

"Well when the hurricane hit, I thought about the children I have met on the island with type 1 diabetes. I've had Type 1 diabetes (a chronic disease in which your pancreas' purpose of producing insulin cells stops), and there's no cure for it. It's a battle 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 all around. I've been managing this illness for over 14 years and a big part of my work whenever I am on the island is connecting with children and adults who continue to battle this every day," states Maria. 

" With the lack of resources even more now, You have children who are only testing themselves 1-2 a day, due to families not being able to afford the cost of supplies let a lone insulin.  I can't bring down insulin, that I've been helping with El Fondo Boricua who have been able to grant towards the U of M -PR Medical Relief outreach in which doctors and medical practitioners have been assisting with insulin and medication.

However on this trip in August along with the additional volunteer work and partnerships I will be a part of, I will be personally ordering and shipping diabetic supplies and glucose tabs for those who are in desperate need of these life saving items.   I can't imagine being an adult, let alone a kid not being able to take care of my life by managing this disease where I absolutely NEED MY METER. Where in times I am in need of sugar I need something as simple as 4 glucose tabs to save my life in minutes. Unless you have the military or federal health insurance you don't have test strips covered. Yep...Not even a single box! Private insurance companies won't cover the test strips either  My heart breaks for them but I'm willing to do what it takes to help as much as possible especially when it comes to battling this disease. I will be ordering the off the counter meters and strips from pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmarts selling them on the island and online.


The goal for this mission is : $4,000

-150 Blood Glucose Meters  

-150 of 100 count  test strips total 

-150 Glucose  Tablet Chews 50 quantity per pack

-150 Lancet 30 gauge thin 200 per pack


Type 1 Diabetes in Puerto Rico Facts

According to , In 2014 studies show that :


-26,000-52,000 people live with Type 1 Diabetes in the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

-80%-85% of them (21,000-44,000) are pediatric patients.  


-They're are only *12 pediatric endocrinologist on the island (*Number calculated before the Hurricane)

-Puerto Rican population that reported having Type 1 diabetes was 15.7 while the percent in the general US population was 10.1.

Maria Isa in front of the US Capitol in October 2017 as part of the Coalition of the Willing informing Congress about the lack of aid arriving to US Citizens of Puerto Rico and FEMA's holdings of aid sent immediately following the hurricane in September. 

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