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Maria Isa shoots latest video "CA$HDRO" in HAVANA, CUBA with Muja Messiah and Yrak "Vitalicio" directed by Alex Lay through the USCAE. 

On Nov. 22, 2016 we shot Ca$hdro the video off Muja Messiah's Pyrexpedition album and our upcoming project Americuba: Mamá Me Lo Dijo coming soon!  Check out the video which was filmed 2 days before the passing of Cuban leader Fidel Castro which led to the legal mandatory 9 days of mourning in Cuba known as "The Dead Days" making it illegal to play, record and film music.  

"We created a whole album while we were there and this is just a preview to it."- Maria Isa

"Latina Theory" on REMEZCLA's

13 Latinx Podcasts That Should Be On Your Radar 

Latina Theory

For those looking for something that isn’t coming out of Cali or New York, Latina Theory might be for you. This Spanglish podcast is hosted by two Minnesotans, Maria Isa and Arianna Genis, and it covers everything from current events and politics to edutainment and chismes. And in case you wanted a music playlist, they’re constantly sharing tunes that hop from Latinx Contemporary and Latinx Alternative to Reggaeton and Cumbia and everything in between.-Written by Manuel Betancourt 

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